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thanks for your support

& for contributing to a better world


Thanks to your purchase, we are developing 2 social projects in Michoacán to improve the communities

with whom we work.

You can choose where your contribution goes: the reforestation plan or educational programs



 Reforestation Initiatives

Your donation to Michoacán will support the conservation of its rich cultural heritage and unique natural resources, particularly wild agave. Contributions will be used for reforestation projects to restore agave populations, preserve the ecosystem, and engage local communities in sustainable efforts.


For every agave we harvest from the mountains, we are planting two in return

 Educational Program in Michoacán

Your donation supports an educational program in Michoacán, focused on breaking the cycle of poverty by improving literacy rates among children. It includes literacy classes, access to educational resources, empowering youth for higher education, and fostering community engagement to prioritize education for underprivileged children in the region.

your sip counts
Social responsability Plan


Thank you on behalf of Mexican mezcal producers.

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